Rockman Landscaping and Tree Services

Our company strives to provide customers with unique landscape designs, combining both elegance and function.

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Rockman Landscaping uses environmentally friendly materials
and processes, ensuring a greener tomorrow.
Our efficient and friendly crews are
more than happy to work with each individual need, ensuring customized
and affordable designs.
Let us work together with you to
create a beautiful and lasting land-
scape to enjoy for years to come.

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Tree Planting & Transplanting
Tree Feeding/Fertilizing
Corrective Pruning
Tree Shaping & Topping
Canopy Thinning, Shaping & Lifting
Removal of Dead or Diseased Trees
High Risk Removals
Lot & Land Clearing
Firewood: Free Stacking & Delivery
Stump Grinding
Brush Chipping
Storm Clean up
Bobcat Service
Gutter Cleaning
Complete Yard Packages

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Certified by Savio Water
Feature Institute
Design & Construction
Pondless Water Features
Ponds, Streams & Waterfalls
Make your backyard a tranquil getaway. Enjoy the relaxing sound of water right outside your back door.

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Jeremiah Johnson
Rockman Landscaping & Tree Service LLC

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On Staff ISA Certified Arborist

Pruning is the most common tree maintenance procedure. Removing dead branches improves tree structure, enhance vigor, or maintain safety.
Pruning goals are to improve tree structure or health or to accommodate our needs such as clearance pruning or hazard mitigation. Trees may also be pruned to increase light penetration or to provide a view.